Drugstores and pharmacies

The construction of pharmacies

The construction of pharmacies in Poland is a subject strictly regulated by law. The available points selling medicines must meet certain conditions, including Regulation of the Minister of Health of September 30, 2002. Our team consists of specialists who arrange the interior in accordance with the applicable law, at the same time doing it stylishly and keeping the rules of ergonomics.

We realize that a good display of goods is the basis for sales. In order to meet the requirements of the owners of pharmacies, our commercial interiors are characterized by transparency, which is crucial from the customer’s point of view. To sell a product, you must ensure that it is clearly visible in the dispatch office.

Drugstore surfaces

When arranging the interior of commercial drugstore space, special attention should be paid to aesthetics. Customers, apart from aesthetic impressions, also expect comfort and intuitiveness in shopping. The products reach a special group of recipients. Having the above in mind, we arrange the interior in such a way as to meet the expectations and needs of your clients. This will certainly have a positive impact on the sales level and thus will maximize the profits of drugstore stores.

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