Office furniture

Department of office furniture in our company is a specialization of modern and creative space interiors. Office furniture – system and modular solutions tailored to each project. During the production of office furniture for a given space, we rely on our experience and implemented projects that are properly modified for the given investment. We also work on projects sent by investors.

Our furniture is modular solutions, meaning that a given element can be a separate piece of furniture (eg a handy desk) and become a part of eg a dresser.

In the production of office furniture with a modern and innovative design, we use such materials as plywood, laminates, veneers, wood, powder coated steel elements, upholstery, foams and acoustic materials, plexiglass.

We manufacture office furniture such as: desks, personal desks with seat function, writing boards, acoustic panels, lego commode, desk modules for dressers, handy writing boards, stools with the function of a personal desk base, and much more.

We consider each investment individually. Together with the Investor we choose solutions tailored to the given office space, open space, coworking.

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